Blooms By Liza - Social Story

Social media videos are a great way to capture your audience’s attention and get your message out.

One of the biggest hurdles with creating video content is it’s ‘so complicated and takes too long’. But it doesn’t need to be!

Take this story as an example.

Blooms By Liza was interested in creating video content to post to their Instagram channel. Your Story Studios went to her and did a short film shoot, which was under 2 hours, including setup, filming and pack up.

We then left Liza and went back to the studio to edit together 2 separate montage videos.

Each video had to be under 1 minute so it can be posted on Instagram, which currently has a 1 minute time limit, plus included royalty free music provided by Soundstripe. Please keep in mind that if you want to use copyrighted music (all the music you hear on the radio has copyright attached to it), then you’ll need to pay licensing fees, which can be quite expensive. If you don’t pay the licensing fees, you’re breaking copyright law, which isn’t just frowned upon, it’s illegal. That isn’t a great look for your business or brand!

Once the videos were edited, they were uploaded to Wipster, which is an on-line video approval service. This helps speed up the video approval process by having an all-in-one feedback point. Instead of having multiple e-mail chains, phone calls or hand written notes, all the feedback is collated into one video link and is easy for the editor to clearly see any changes that need to be made.

Liza received these videos through her e-mail and then approved them straight away.

After the videos were approved they were uploaded to a OneDrive folder for Liza to access and download. She was then able to post the videos herself to her Instagram channel when she desired.

All completed in 1 day!

Simple. Easy. Fast.

In addition, a separate version was created for Youtube, which is in a wide screen format (16:9) instead of the square format (1:1), which is ideal for Instagram.

Take a look at the final results for Youtube.

If you’d like to find out how video can work for your business or brand’s social media accounts, contact Your Story Studios today!